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More, more tips…

The Orchard House family hopes you are having a stress free holiday and we wanted to give you a few more tips…

#7 Plan ahead! This is a great time to meet with family and decide who is paying for what and when it needs to be paid and booked. It’s the holidays and you are seeing everyone, so when they offer to help make sure that you immediately qualify when and what!

#8. Schedule time off from work for your wedding and honeymoon. The sooner you schedule it , the less stress on you!!

#9. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! We pray blessings on your love and your marriages!

More tips…

A few more tips from us to make your wedding and your holidays perfect!!

#4 Focus on your relationship! Remember to keep it in proportion! Spend more time with that man of your dreams then planning the wedding of your dreams. At the end of this process you want a happy marriage not a neglected spouse!

#5 Put your wedding party to work! A great way to utilize your bridesmaids and friends is with your favors! Let them help make favors, escort cards, and decor items. Also, let your bridesmaids help get your guest count nailed down. Let them make generic calls to guests who have forgotten how to R.S.V.P! This will keep your wedding stress free and let your bridesmaids feel like they are an important part of your wedding!

#6 Stay organized ! Get a notebook and a folder and keep everything in one place! List notes from phone calls and appointments. Write down or clip pictures of what you love but also what you hate! Sometimes what you don’t like is more helpful to your vendors. Keep all your reciepts and record all your payments all in one place! Then put all these items in a special wedding bag that you can grab and take to appointments.

More to come!! Stay tuned!!

A season of love…and thanks

I read recently that over 80% of brides and grooms get engaged from November to January! It makes sense! It’s a great time to give thanks for the love in our lives, a great time to see family and friends, a great time to make memories to warm our hearts through the bitter cold! And who are we kidding, it’s simply a romantic time of the year!

Of course the drawback of getting engaged over the holidays is that it still is the holidays! So now you are planning a wedding and managing all the holiday excitement too! So to all our newly engaged couples out there, a little advice from the experts to keep you sane and happy!

#1 just breathe! Every time you feel overwhelmed just keep it simple and breathe! 10 deep breaths will jump start your nervous system and make you feel calm and fresh!

#2. Make a wish book or join pintrist! If you are not a techno girl then get some magazines and start cutting! If you love your computer then join pintrist and do it online! Remember to clip everything you love even if it’s just one tiny detail! Such as a color, a texture, or even a overall theme!

#3. Think in order of what is important! Remember that family and your fiancé come first! The vendors to think about first are venue, catering, and photography! Start there and enjoy your holidays!

More to come…

A beautiful season

We have just finished our third season at Orchard House! This season was the best ever! We had amazing brides with a great sense of style. We had such diversity in wedding colors and flowers. We had so many beautiful picture perfect moments! Moments that remind us all why we fell in love. Charlotte gave us great weather as always. Our gardens gave us beautiful color with God’s help of course! :) We had a season of firsts too! Our first horse and carriage wedding, our first less then 25 guests wedding, our largest wedding(320 guest), our first day time wedding, our first charity event ( kitty city),and our first season of small events(wedding showers, bridal luncheons, baby showers, etc)! So now our wedding season is over, but now our engaement season begins! Cheers to our new marriages and to the best brides!!

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